New Life With Fenix

FENIX Finance

FENIX Is The First Cryptocurrency Project That Aims Solve Largest Issues In CeFi & DeFi . FENIX Wants To Create a New Version Of Crypto Exchanges That Has The Ability To Support Two Network (ERC20-TRC20) <FAQ>

Creative Idea
Open Source

Why Choose FENIX

New Life With Fenix


Lock Liquidity For Ever


Farm ( Liquid Mining )


Fenix Swap

New Version Of Decentralized Exchanges


ERC20 & TRC20

Support Both Of ETH & TRX Networks


Only 13 % Token For FENIX Team

Unlock After 10 months

DeFi ~ CeFi

FENIX Centralized finance used to be the standard for trading crypto before DeFi came into the picture. It still maintains a stronghold over the cryptocurrency industry. But decentralized finance is catching up with it as DeFi is seeing astounding growth this year through its yield farming trend. 


The purpose of FENIX token coding is to destroy the risk of scam by developers team.
We are proud of that FENIX token is the first cleare project that use both of DeFi~CeFi in ETH & TRX blockchain.
In this way FENIX is graduated in the highest level of security. 

Source Accessability

Source of FENIX token is available clearly for all of world in etherscan and tronscan sites.
To understand the advantage of this please read the withe-paper.

Token Distribution

FENIX- ETH Contract

#2nd Marketing , Farm-30%                       


#Liquidity FXF / ETH--15%


#Team ----------------13%


#Liquidity FXF / DEV --06%                         


#Marketing Department-05%


#Airdrop -------------01%


FENIX-TRX Contract

#Stake ----------------40%                         


#Liquidity Fenix Swap--30%                         




#Dev ------------------14%                         


#Airdrop --------------01%                         


FENIX Project Roadmap

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Q4 2020

# FENIX Project Started
# Airdrop Via Telegram Bot
# Pre-Sale
# Uniswap & Justswap listing
# Add Liquidity
# Coinmarketcap & Coingecko

Q1 2021

# Centralized Exchange Listing
# Staking Platform Launch

Q2 2021

# Other Centralized Exchanges Listing
# Roadmap Update

FENIX Finance

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